Deploying PHP projects revisited

In the Deploying PHP projects post, I showed a simple way of deploying a PHP project to a server. There is one particular limitation with the way that works, however, and that is you must have permissions on the server to perform the git clone process. read more

Deploying PHP projects with Deployer

Recently I came across a tool called Deployer, built for automating the deployment of PHP projects. For those who have used Capistrano it will seem immediately familiar. The benefit of Deployer over Capistrano is the ease of install, as well as providing support for Composer, the de-facto package manager for PHP. read more

PHP performance: Switching to HHVM

Getting good performance out of your web applications can be difficult, it often involves adding potentially complex caches to your application that can create additional problems, notably around cache invalidation, or pile-up from multiple requests hitting a cold cache at once. read more

Setting up nginx, PHP-FPM, and SilverStripe on Fedora 19

This guide will get you started with nginx and PHP-FPM to serve PHP scripts and use CMS and frameworks like SilverStripe on your Linux server. You could also expand on this to include configuration for Wordpress, Drupal, or others as you see fit. read more

Fetching tweets using Twitter oAuth API easily with PHP

Ever since Twitter removed RSS support from their API it's no longer possible to parse an RSS feed for a public Twitter account to get tweets from a user's timeline. You now have to go through Twitter's oAuth API, which can be a bit of a pain, but it's not... read more

Setup PHP on Windows Server 2008 R2

Sometimes you'll have a need to install PHP on Windows to run a CMS or framework that requires it. read more